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Septum Piercing Retainer - Nickel free septum keeper, silver septum staple, septum retainer, septum jewelry, 18g, 16g, 14g gauge septum

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Septum Piercing Retainer

This is your septum piercing superhero's secret identity! Just slide the smoothly finished retainer into your piercing and flip it up into your nose to change your badass beast into a hidden hero, biding its time. Practically invisible, these are great at work! You can also wear them with the ends hanging down.

The last picture shows the retainer flipped up inside the nose - you would never know it was there. Perfect for when work or family commitments mean you might have to keep your look more subtle. The fourth picture shows the retainer with its ends hanging down - I love this look, it feels really punk and really cute at the same time.

This septum keeper is made with nickel free fine silver, which is 99.9% pure silver (sterling is only 92.5%). This is a great metal for anyone with sensitive skin, and it's also very tarnish resistant, perfect for a septum piercing. It is shaped into a U-shaped septum staple, smooth and comfortable to wear. The ends have been smoothed to an eggshell finish and there are no edges to catch or nickel to irritate your skin - this might just be the comfiest septum jewelry you will ever own.

This septum retainer is currently available in various gauges: 1mm (18g), 1.2mm (16g) and 1.6mm (14g). It also comes in a range of wearable diameters from 6mm (1/4") to 12mm (1/2"), so you can find the perfect snug fit for your unique septum piercing. The pictured jewelry is a 6mm (1/4") ring in a 16g (1.2mm), but please bear in mind that every body is different and measure your piercing or current septum jewellery before you order!

Customise it:
More stones, sizes and metals are available on request, and you could even have this design made as a fake septum ring if you don't fancy taking the plunge just yet. I make each item to order - I love the connection it gives me to you, the new owner, and it means I can tweak the design to suit your wildest dreams - just get in touch!

Caring for your jewellery:
When putting your jewellery in, please open it by twisting it outwards, rather than pulling it open. This will help the ring keep its shape.
Even gold and fine silver may tarnish over time after long contact with the acids on your skin. You can polish it back up to its best by using a little bicarbonate of soda and an old damp toothbrush to scrub it. It's safe for your jewellery, your body and your pocket - and it works!

*PLEASE NOTE* Cat's Curiosity Shop cannot accept returns on body jewellery for hygiene reasons, so please know your size before you order. The diameter listed is the inside diameter of the ring, and the gauge is the thickness of the wire. If in doubt, measure the jewellery you are currently wearing or ask your body piercer for advice. Thank you for your understanding!

Have you got any questions I haven't answered here? Please get in touch and I'll be happy to help!

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