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Whirlpools - Nickel Free Silver Piercing Ring

£ 15.00

This piercing ring has been made with fine silver, which is 99.9% silver (sterling is only 92.5%) and is completely nickel free so it won't irritate even the most sensitive piercing. This is an incredibly versatile piece and looks amazing in your septum piercing, your rook, daith, or tragus, nipple piercings and many more! 

This ring is available in 6mm to 12mm diameter, and even in different gauges:
20g (0.8mm)
18g (1mm)
16g (1.2mm)
14g (1.6mm)
This allows you to choose the best fit for your face. This pictured ring is an 18 gauge ring in a 6mm diameter.

Please note, when inserting the ring, please open it by twisting it sideways, rather than by pulling it outwards, as this will help it keep its shape. Thank you!

Please note: Cat's Curiosity Shop cannot accept returns on body jewellery for hygiene reasons, so please know your size before you order. The diameter listed is the inside diameter of the ring, and the gauge is the thickness of the wire. If in doubt, measure the jewellery you are currently wearing or ask your body piercer for advice. Thank you for your understanding!

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