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Heart Nose Stud - Sterling Silver Tragus, Nose, or Medusa (Philtrum) Jewelry

£ 4.00

This tiny heart nose stud is now made with fine silver - this is 99.9% silver, unlike sterling which weighs in at 92.5%. Fine silver is completely nickel free, so no risk of it irritating sensitive skin, and it is also more tarnish resistant than sterling, so your nose stud will stay in top condition for much longer.

This nose, ear or tragus stud is just 0.6mm thick (22g) and the design is 3mm x 3mm wide for a delicate look. If you would like it in a different size just get in touch, each stud is made to order and can be crafted to your unique requirements! 

The stud is sold straight in a fishtail style, so that you or your piercer can bend it to fit you perfectly at home. If you would like me to fit it for you with a screw, L, or a bone end, just let me know! I can also make them to fit a push fit labret back at no extra charge.

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