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Celtic Warrior Septum Ring

£ 16.00

This celtic piercing ring was shaped, hammered, fired and polished in my little workshop in the heart of England, using historic techniques that date back many hundreds of years. The ring is made entirely of nickel free fine silver, so even the most sensitive skin will love it.

This is a great septum ring for everyday wear. Comfortable and hypoallergenic, the design circles and hugs your nose for a face-flattering look that is subtle without being hidden. Like the warriors of old, you can handle anything the world throws at you in this body jewellery! Whether you wear it to sunday dinner at granny's house or for pie and chips at a huge rock festival, this septum ring will look right at home.

Not just a septum ring either, this piece looks fantastic in a helix piercing, as a tragus hoop or also as daith jewellery - mix it up!

This body jewellery is currently available in various sizes: 20g (0.8mm), 18g (1mm), 16g (1.2mm) and 14g (1.6mm). It also comes in a range of diameters from 6mm (1/4") to 12mm (1/2"), so you can find the perfect fit for your unique septum piercing. The pictured jewelry is a 6mm (1/4") ring in an 18g (1mm), but please bear in mind that every body is different and measure your piercing or current septum jewellery before you order.

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