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Stacked Septum Ring - nickel free silver piercing hoop, ethnic design

£ 30.00
Three tiers of nickel-free fine silver have been painstakingly placed and polished by hand to create this stunning layered septum ring. The graceful conical shape of this ring means that this design looks gorgeous from every angle, and makes this an incredibly easy septum ring to wear. The flared shape flatters your face and helps make this septum jewellery as comfy as can be.

This triple layered septum ring is available in various gauges and diameters to fit each unique face. The diameter listed refers to the middle layer of the ring that goes through your piercing - the front layer will be a size smaller to create a snug look. So if you order an 8mm ring, the ring which enters your piercing will be an 8mm ring, and the front layer will be 7mm to hug your nose. Each item is made to order so if you would like yours to be different, that's no problem! Just send me a quick message and I'll be happy to make the septum ring of your wildest dreams! The pictured triple septum ring is an 18g (1mm) ring with a 6mm diameter.

This is what is known as an endless ring, not a clicker. This means that to put the ring into your piercing, you will need to twist the ring sideways, like a spiral - DO NOT pull the ring open upwardly (like pacmans mouth) as this will cause the ring to lose its circular shape. Due to the layers, this ring is a little tricky to put in and a pair of needle nose pliers could be a massive help to anyone who sometimes finds their fingers are clumsy with this sort of thing.

This piercing jewellery is available in sizes 20g (0.8mm), 18g (1mm), 16g (1.2mm) and 14g (1.6mm). Diameters 6mm, 8mmm 10mm and 12mm. If you would like a size that isn't listed here, just get in touch and I'll be happy to help!

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