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Tiny Nose Stud - Nickel Free Silver Tragus, Nose, Medusa or Philtrum Jewelry

£ 4.00

This tiny nose stud has been made with fine silver, and nothing else! Fine silver is 99.9% silver (sterling is only 92.5%) and is completely nickel free to ensure that it will not irritate even the most sensitive nose.  This nose jewelry has a small silver ball on the end, which has been polished to a high shine. The end of the stud has been smoothed off to make insertion as smooth and comfortable as possible. This stud will arrive straight, so you can easily bend it to fit your unique piercing. This nose pin also looks fabulous as tragus jewelry, a lip stud or in a medusa (philtrum) piercing.

This stud is available from gauges 22 (0.6mm) to 18 (1mm). There will be some small variations in size as with all handmade items, but the sizes of the ball on the end will be between:
22g: 1 - 1.5mm
20g: 1.5 - 2mm
18g: 1.5-2mm

*PLEASE NOTE* Cat's Curiosity Shop cannot accept returns on body jewellery for hygiene reasons, so please know your size before you order. The diameter listed is always the inside diameter of the ring, and the gauge is the thickness of the wire. If in doubt, measure the jewellery you are currently wearing or ask your body piercer for advice. Thank you for your understanding!

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