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What size jewellery should I buy for my piercing?

Advice Cat's Top Tips FAQ lists Sizes

What size ring should I buy for my belly/septum/nose piercing? This is probably the question I get asked the most, and it’s a really difficult question to answer properly! You might think there is one standard size for each piercing, and many shops do sell body jewellery in this way, but every body is completely unique and what fits one person’s piercing may be completely wrong for the next person. Think about your nose and your best friend’s nose. Are they exactly the same? I bet they’re not! Your piercer will have used their judgement when deciding what thickness and...

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3 Ways to Measure Your Piercing

Advice Cat's Top Tips FAQ Sizes

At Cat’s Curiosity Shop we know that every body is unique, and while the different sizes of body jewellery on offer can be confusing at first, a perfectly fitted piercing ring can totally change the game. Read on for our top tips on how to find the exact right sized jewellery for your piercing. 1: ASK YOUR PIERCER Now I know you were hoping for ways to do this without all the effort of leaving the house and talking to real people (ew) and don’t fret, they’re coming, but this is the number one easiest way to find out your...

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