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The Robin's Retreat with Cat's Curiosity Shop - Jewellery Making Workshop

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THAT time of year is crashing down upon us, and if you’re anything like me the long nights, the chilly weather and the pressure of the season will be starting to make you feel properly rubbish. Luckily, local startup The Robin’s Retreat has the perfect antidote!

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Making the switch to Ecosilver

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At Cat’s Curiosity Shop we are committed to creating beautiful body piercing jewellery as ethically and sustainably as we can. We believe that true beauty is in kindness, not cruelty, and to that end we are working towards making as much of our jewellery as possible available in recycled silver. Read on to find out why! We recently learned that the process of mining silver can cause incredible damage to the environment. Industrial silver mining processes cause soil erosion, sinkholes, contamination of the soil and a shocking loss of biodiversity in the local area. When production slows, mines are often...

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Upcoming events September 2017

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Hello there my lovelies! In the run up to winter I will be bringing a selection of your favourite nickel free body jewellery and some exclusive one-off pieces to craft fairs all around Staffordshire (UK). I’ll be announcing them here, so watch this space to see if I’ll be at your favourite event! My first stop will be the Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre at Kidsgrove Town Hall on the 2nd of September. I’ll be bringing all your favourite nose rings and septum rings, plenty of midi rings and a sprinkling of surprises that have never been seen before, so...

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