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3 Ways to Clean Your Silver Body Jewelry without Toxic Chemicals

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  All silver will eventually tarnish. But how can you clean your favourite body jewelry without subjecting your piercings to the toxic chemicals in silver polish? Commercial tarnish removers are packed full of dangerous ingredients which can be harmful to the environment and your skin. Cat has tried many green alternatives over the years, and she’s put together her top three tried-and-tested ways to keep silver jewellery safe and sparkling!   These are my very favourite methods for cleaning my body jewellery because they really work, they’re environmentally friendly and safe for even the most sensitive skin, and they use only basic household ingredients to...

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Making the switch to Ecosilver

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At Cat’s Curiosity Shop we are committed to creating beautiful body piercing jewellery as ethically and sustainably as we can. We believe that true beauty is in kindness, not cruelty, and to that end we are working towards making as much of our jewellery as possible available in recycled silver. Read on to find out why! We recently learned that the process of mining silver can cause incredible damage to the environment. Industrial silver mining processes cause soil erosion, sinkholes, contamination of the soil and a shocking loss of biodiversity in the local area. When production slows, mines are often...

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