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Making the switch to Ecosilver

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At Cat’s Curiosity Shop we are committed to creating beautiful body piercing jewellery as ethically and sustainably as we can. We believe that true beauty is in kindness, not cruelty, and to that end we will be making the switch to using 100% recycled ecosilver in all our jewellery by the beginning of 2018!

We recently learned that the process of mining silver can cause incredible damage to the environment. Industrial silver mining processes cause soil erosion, sinkholes, contamination of the soil and a shocking loss of biodiversity in the local area. When production slows, mines are often abandoned without proper clean up, and Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment has called these abandoned mines “ecological time bombs.”

It was unacceptable to us that we were contributing to this abuse of our Earth, and we resolved to do better.

This will involve some big changes! It took us a long time to find suppliers of fully recycled 999 fine silver, as the purity of our silver was something we were not willing to compromise on. It was also important that our new supplier be based in the UK, to minimise the number of miles our silver travelled before arriving at our workshop to be transformed into unique body piercing jewellery. After much searching, we found what we were looking for at Bellore Rashbel - you can check out their philosophy here.

We will also be overhauling our manufacturing processes, as no UK suppliers manufacture 999 ecosilver in the gauges of wire we need to offer you a range of sizes - something else we were not willing to compromise on! The new manufacturing process will involve making a model from recycled 925 silver wire, which is much easier to source in various thicknesses, and casting small batches of 999 silver pieces from that original model. This keeps all silver in our workshop ethical, without compromising on purity or choice of size. It also means we don’t have to use any cuttlefish bones in our casting process, maintaining our fully vegan workshop environment. We will of course continue to welcome custom orders - we love to make your ideas a reality!

Things are really changing here at Cat’s Curiosity Shop, and we hope to see more jewellers following suit in the future. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to join us on our journey to become more sustainable!


P.S.: Learn more about our new suppliers and the social and environmental impact of silver mining by checking out the links below!






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