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3 Ways to Measure Your Piercing

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At Cat’s Curiosity Shop we know that every body is unique, and while the different sizes of body jewellery on offer can be confusing at first, a perfectly fitted piercing ring can totally change the game. Read on for our top tips on how to find the exact right sized jewellery for your piercing.


Now I know you were hoping for ways to do this without all the effort of leaving the house and talking to real people (ew) and don’t fret, they’re coming, but this is the number one easiest way to find out your size for sure. Ask what size they are putting in when you first get your piercing and take a note of it, then you never have to worry about it again. If you don’t have a time machine lying around to go back to when you first got pierced, don’t worry! Pop to your piercers anyway, they have calipers and steady hands, and will be able to give you an accurate measurement in seconds.

2: Measure your favourite jewellery

Unless you haven’t got your piercing yet (in which case all you need is tip no.1, why are you even still reading?) you already have piercing jewellery that fits you. Lay it flat on a ruler and you should be able to tell the diameter fairly easily! You only need to measure the inside diameter of the ring - this is also known as the wearable diameter. The gauge (thickness) can be a little trickier to measure this way, as the differences are less than 1mm, but if you take a photo and zoom in it’s usually pretty obvious.

3: Measure yourself

If you’re here buying new jewellery because you’ve sneezed/swallowed/lost the old one down the sink, don’t panic! Grab yourself a ruler and get comfy. If your piercing is in a place easily measured with a ruler, like your nose or earlobe, that ruler is all you need. Measure the distance in millimetres between your piercing site (the actual hole) and the edge of your body. This will be the minimum size you should choose for a very snug fit. If you’re trying to measure something tricky like a daith or septum piercing and you can’t get the ruler into the crevices, grab a toothpick and a pen/cil. Place the tip of the toothpick on your piercing site, and make a mark where your flesh ends. Measure the distance between the mark and the tip of the toothpick with your trusty ruler, and that’s that! With septum piercings it is a good idea to measure how wide your septum is as well as how high the piercing is placed, and then use the largest measurement as your minimum ring size.

Checking what thickness you need is a bit tricky with this method, but this article can give you a rough idea what gauge (thickness) you would need for your piercing.

If you have tried all these tips and you’re still not sure what size you need, we’d love to help! Message us here and we’ll figure it out together.

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